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You’re so rotten


I’m running, I don’t know why, but I’m running fast. I’m in a tunnel not made for the amount of people that are currently squeezing their way through. For some strange reason it’s not hot or muggy but cool. There is a breeze that is blowing us through this tunnel. I would estimate that there has to be 100+ people in this tunnel and it is chaotic. I don’t know why I feel I need to calm all of these people down, but I do. It’s as if my voice has a calming effect on the crowd and they immediately respond.

We are all still running and I recognize someone. Well, kind of. It’s like a miniature version of that person. Like a child. Without hesitating I grab the girl—like straight out of the movies saving kids style with explosions happening in the background. Picking up the small girl seems to make me run faster. We head out of the tunnel into a parking lot full of school buses. I notice a childhood friend’s mom who I haven’t seen for quite some time. It seems as if she is in charge of getting the small children into these school buses for the evacuation. She recognizes me but merely yells at me to get all the young ones on the buses. I oblige. While doing this, I’m still trying to figure out what we are running from. I sense a disaster of some sorts, but I think it is something much much worse.

I step inside a bar type restaurant while the people are loading up on the busses. I look for any remaining survivors. I step outside to see that all the busses have vanished. They left without me? I was so vital to saving everyone; to the collective well-being of the entire group leaving. How could they have left me here by myself? Then something strange happens. I feel relieved. Not anger nor animosity. Relief. Total relief. I’m exhausted but completely satisfied. I sit on an empty stair case and just smile though I know something horrible is coming out of that tunnel. 

A car pulls up…



It’s pretty late. I slept from 5:30-11:30 pm. I have no idea why. I don’t know what it is about sleeping when I know there is not chance of me not oversleeping. I think that is why I sleep so well in the day time. Nobody will notice if I’m sleeping. 

I’ve tried to rekindle my posting on tumblr to foster some time of relationship with the people that do enjoy some of the things I do on the internet. The only problem is that I do not think many will be reading this. This is partially my fault as I neglected tumblr in the past because I didn’t think anyone was reading it.

Currently I am mulling over a contract with everyone’s favorite video gaming channel on YouTube. My only tip for those still reading is to read the fine print of every contract. You’d be surprised by some of the language used in contracts.

Today is an early Valentine’s Day. I planned some special stuff for my gf so hopefully everything goes according to plan. I am very surprised how much the price of flowers + delivery is jacked up during this card holiday. Oh well, I guess it’s my fault for waiting so long.

Let me know your Valentine’s Day stories (horror would be more entertaining)



Does anyone know how to just have replies without actual posts? I’m having a pain in the a$$ of a time trying to reply to TrueNinjaMan74



I have had a bit of difficulty sleeping lately as I am editing a late night video. QuickTime is being a pain in the ass on PC so I had to install/uninstall it. I kind of miss working on a Mac. Not so much the form factor as much as the reliability. Everything worked…all of the time. There was never any hiccup with any other softwares. On my new PC it already feels like it’s dragging ass. Oh well

Lottery is currently at $310 million. I wonder what I shall buy when I win it? Probably a new desktop. 

Everything seems to be getting more difficult. I don’t know where/why? It’s like I was cruising and then hit a wall, eh.



trueninjaman74 replied to your post: It’s been a while…

I completely forgot you had a Tumblr, I was fairly surprised when I saw two posts from you today.

Yeah, I tried to get back on a regular posting schedule


- Get stuff done right away, you’re not going to do them later

- Go to bed earlier than you plan

- Wake up earlier than planned

- Put the date on everything!

- Guys (in general) the girls are just as nervous as you are and like you just as much

- Text less

- Facebook status less

- Tweet more

- When eating dinner with multiple course go from outside to in with your silverware. The small fork/spoon is for the salad/soup

- Compliment and notice a girls style. They appreciate it a lot. They actually go out of their way to look good for themselves and you

- Practice eating with your left hand. It comes in handy when you need to properly cut meat

- Don’t be lazy

- Don’t be so uptight/high strung

- Regret things you do rather than things you wish you would have done


Ok, so it’s been a while since I’ve last posted. Nothing really has changed, I just wasn’t receiving the interaction that warranted keeping this tumblr thing alive. My buddy Rob told me that he actually read my Tumblr more than he watched my videos, so I will be attempting to once again tumblr some more.

A few things I think:

- The Super Bowl was pretty good. Kind of boring in the middle but for the most part entertaining. Eli Manning has proved that he belongs in the elite class of NFL Quarterbacks.

- Work kind of sucks. I do not remember it being so bad in such a long time but it is pretty bad. The people are bad, the administration is bad and overall everyone is being dumb.

- I am not sleeping well. Lately I’ve been having a tough time with a few things and this may be why my sleep is not going so well. There are a lot of things I wish that were different but for some reason it is just not working out. I guess some things were just meant to be the way they are.

- Weather is strangely good for right now. I believe that I heard the weatherman say it’s going to be pretty bad coming up though.

- Call of Duty and gaming in general is still fun for me. I’ve been given the opportunity to do a few more things in terms of videos, but I have yet to read the fine print of the contract. Some stuff I agree with while others I’m not to sure of yet.


What’s up guys? I know I haven’t posted in a while. It’s been kind of a busy past few weeks at work but I finally got some time to catch my breath. Last night I was able to watch Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol at my local IMAX theater. For those that are unaware, an IMAX theater screen is enormous and added value to the overall mission impossible experience. Also, we were able to watch an extended trailer for The Dark Knight Rises. At first, I thought it was the prologue, but upon further investigation, I became aware it was just an extended trailer. Trailer or prologue, it was still awesome and I am very excited to see The Dark Knight Rises this summer.

On to the review: In short, I really enjoyed MIGP. It was basically action packed from start to finish. It was similar to a COD game in that it was one set piece to the next with action and gadgets mixed in. Some parts were funny/corny but did not take away from the overall tone of the movie. Towards the end, it starts to get unbelievable, but if you take MIGP for what it’s worth—a high octane action film—you will not be disappointed. The plot is thin but the action is not.

Tom Cruise is funny and charismatic. Jeremy Renner is a good change of pace and equally engaging. Paula Patton is pretty nice to look at. And Simon Peg is funny as usual.

Overall Grade: 9.0 out of 10

Go watch it, it’s worth making the trek to the movie theater

My latest video. The Striker is pretty badass


I woke up really early today. Well, early for a Sunday and had nothing to do. I ended up making a video and eating an egg mcmuffin. I haven’t had an egg mcmuffin in quite some time and it was very good. I may have to change up my daily oatmeal and mix a few of those in there.

I’ve been playing a lot of MW3 lately. I’ve been having a lot of fun. I’ve changed the regular crew that I play with and have been playing in smaller parties lately. I think who you play with can determine your level of joy/frustration in a game so be sure to pick your party wisely.

Oh and another pro tip: If you use color blind assist, you are able to see enemy stealth bombers



1. Pia

2. My adopted mother always calling me worried about me

3. Nemo not crying anymore

4. Overall health even though I’m not very healthy right now

5. The warm bed I’m writing this from

6. Polite and respectful young people

7. Amazon and Amazon prime

8. The few people that watch and comment on my YouTube and Tumblr pages. I am completely satisfied with the number of interactive subs I have. If I never gain any more subs, I am completely fine with that.

9. People that are helpful

10. People that have grace


1. Doctor thinks I have sleep apnea and now I have to go get tested for it

2. Medical bills are piling up and super expensive

3. USC beat Oregon and should have beaten an overrated Stanford team. Oh and the Oakland Raiders are also first place in their weak division

4. I didn’t play fantasy football this year and DO NOT miss it

5. I’m a lazy ass

6. I’m feeling less inclined to help people. Weird how things in your life will affect your overall indifference level

7. New PC is pretty awesome. I wish some PC makers would just take aesthetics as seriously as that other company…this post was written on a _ _ _ 

8. Not really looking forward to spending money on Christmas, but am excited for Thanksgiving

9. It’s not snowing too much…please don’t! My car handles snow like a woman in heels after last call on her bachelorette party 

10. Been able to sell a few things on eBay and that’s always good


1. There are a lot of vidja games out right now and it’s awesome

2. I still have to finish playing Batman: Arkham City, Modern Warfare 3 campaign, Saints Row The Third, Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary Edition

3. I stopped playing online multiplayer with people that complain and it has been more fun and less stressful

4. There is a massive influx of campers in Modern Warfare 3. Either a bunch of people just got the game or the people that had the game figured out the camping spots. It’s ridiculous if it’s the latter

5. Playing domination with just a party of two is actually a bit more exciting. Yes, the percentage of a win is probably around 60% as opposed to 90% (with a full party) but games are more exciting and close…and most importantly more fun. I think I have a better time in smaller parties

6. Matchmaking in Modern Warfare 3 is horrible with a full party. Please fix this!

7. Halo honeymoon might be over. It’s just too slow. Maybe playing with a bunch of buddies will fix this?

8. Looking forward to this holiday break

9. Anyone still playing Gears of War 3? I kind of miss it

10. Thinking about buying another xbox during black Friday. Apparently they are going to be $139


So I haven’t posted in a while and feel kind of bad. I know only about two people will be reading this, but I wanted to get into the habit of posting regularly. I’ve been kind of busy with school and really liking Modern Warfare 3. I know a lot of you guys hate it because it’s not “this” or “that” but I’m satisfied with it.

It’s funny because I’ve just realized how serious some people take video games. I think for some, it’s an extension of their life and/or personality. For others, I can’t explain their obsession with being good at a video game or at least giving the impression that they are good at a game. It’s like God forbid anyone thinks you’re bad at a video game, I mean come on, it is a video game!!! We’re talking about a DAMN video game and I’ll be DAMNED if anyone thinks I’m a noob!!! arrgh!!! Ok, maybe a little exaggerated, but you get the idea.

I’ve come up with a different hypothesis. I think for some of these gamers, being good at a video game may be one of the few things they’ve ever been decent at thus far in their life. It’s not like most of these people were D-1 athletes or even scholars for that matter. Therefore, I think they hold on to this illusion of greatness towards a video game because that’s all they have. It’s like if you take person who has never been particularly good at sports or academics or even socially awkward and all of a sudden they are being adored by their video game gameplay, they try their hardest to hold on to that adoration that they would do anything to keep it. Now this is just a theory and many may disagree. Maybe people just want to be good at video games because they think it’s real life? I don’t know.

Anyway, I am sad to say that there is a high correlation between a player’s skill and how much fun I have with them while playing online. However, you’d probably be surprised by the results. It seems that the higher a player’s skill level, the less I enjoy playing with them. I don’t know why…well I know why, but you get the idea. It seems like the older a person is combined with their diminished skill level, I have a greater tendency to have a much better time with them. Hmm, can anyone explain that?

either way, I will post more often. Let me know what you guys think about my above rant.