If you’ve followed me on twitter or tumblr, then you by now know my thoughts on EA’s online pass system they implement on online multiplayer games. Basically to encourage “new” game sales EA puts a code in all new releases that is necessary to play online content. If you rent the game from Gamefly or another retail outlet, you must pay 800 Microsoft points to unlock online content.

Well after complaining about the online pass, Gamefly sent me (as well as many other subscribers) an opportunity to request a free online pass via gamefly via EA. Now I actually followed this link last week when I was still kind of “feelin” Battlefield 3. However, it seems they have decided to email me an online pass code today, 11/07 the day before the release of Modern Warfare 3…hmmm kind of suspicious how I did not receive my code until now.

Anyway, to shorten things up, I’m pretty sour about the online pass deal and EA games in general, so I will not be purchasing a new copy of Battlefield 3 and will be reluctant about new EA games in the future.

Note: FIFA 12 is an awesome game and I don’t know anything about Soccer

Someone who gives a damn about this game can redeem this