1. There are a lot of vidja games out right now and it’s awesome

2. I still have to finish playing Batman: Arkham City, Modern Warfare 3 campaign, Saints Row The Third, Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary Edition

3. I stopped playing online multiplayer with people that complain and it has been more fun and less stressful

4. There is a massive influx of campers in Modern Warfare 3. Either a bunch of people just got the game or the people that had the game figured out the camping spots. It’s ridiculous if it’s the latter

5. Playing domination with just a party of two is actually a bit more exciting. Yes, the percentage of a win is probably around 60% as opposed to 90% (with a full party) but games are more exciting and close…and most importantly more fun. I think I have a better time in smaller parties

6. Matchmaking in Modern Warfare 3 is horrible with a full party. Please fix this!

7. Halo honeymoon might be over. It’s just too slow. Maybe playing with a bunch of buddies will fix this?

8. Looking forward to this holiday break

9. Anyone still playing Gears of War 3? I kind of miss it

10. Thinking about buying another xbox during black Friday. Apparently they are going to be $139