It’s pretty late. I slept from 5:30-11:30 pm. I have no idea why. I don’t know what it is about sleeping when I know there is not chance of me not oversleeping. I think that is why I sleep so well in the day time. Nobody will notice if I’m sleeping. 

I’ve tried to rekindle my posting on tumblr to foster some time of relationship with the people that do enjoy some of the things I do on the internet. The only problem is that I do not think many will be reading this. This is partially my fault as I neglected tumblr in the past because I didn’t think anyone was reading it.

Currently I am mulling over a contract with everyone’s favorite video gaming channel on YouTube. My only tip for those still reading is to read the fine print of every contract. You’d be surprised by some of the language used in contracts.

Today is an early Valentine’s Day. I planned some special stuff for my gf so hopefully everything goes according to plan. I am very surprised how much the price of flowers + delivery is jacked up during this card holiday. Oh well, I guess it’s my fault for waiting so long.

Let me know your Valentine’s Day stories (horror would be more entertaining)