I’m running, I don’t know why, but I’m running fast. I’m in a tunnel not made for the amount of people that are currently squeezing their way through. For some strange reason it’s not hot or muggy but cool. There is a breeze that is blowing us through this tunnel. I would estimate that there has to be 100+ people in this tunnel and it is chaotic. I don’t know why I feel I need to calm all of these people down, but I do. It’s as if my voice has a calming effect on the crowd and they immediately respond.

We are all still running and I recognize someone. Well, kind of. It’s like a miniature version of that person. Like a child. Without hesitating I grab the girl—like straight out of the movies saving kids style with explosions happening in the background. Picking up the small girl seems to make me run faster. We head out of the tunnel into a parking lot full of school buses. I notice a childhood friend’s mom who I haven’t seen for quite some time. It seems as if she is in charge of getting the small children into these school buses for the evacuation. She recognizes me but merely yells at me to get all the young ones on the buses. I oblige. While doing this, I’m still trying to figure out what we are running from. I sense a disaster of some sorts, but I think it is something much much worse.

I step inside a bar type restaurant while the people are loading up on the busses. I look for any remaining survivors. I step outside to see that all the busses have vanished. They left without me? I was so vital to saving everyone; to the collective well-being of the entire group leaving. How could they have left me here by myself? Then something strange happens. I feel relieved. Not anger nor animosity. Relief. Total relief. I’m exhausted but completely satisfied. I sit on an empty stair case and just smile though I know something horrible is coming out of that tunnel. 

A car pulls up…